GRAFETS – social plates to taste

Relaxed Manchester fine dining, enjoyed in an hour – We will let you know when it’s back

From “Manchester Rarebit” to “Burnt ends of brisket, peas pudding, roasted onion” and “Salmon, Bellini and Plum” to “Chocolate, orange, mousse, chock lick and granita.” There is a lunchtime selection to suit everyone.

The menu is our Head Chef’s reflection of modern British life. Showing British eccentricity with an often-eclectic combination of ingredients, dishes on his menu include cleverly reconstructed classics and plates to challenge a diner’s perception of familiar foods.

This innovative British Tapas lunchtime menu gives the opportunity to sample dishes drawn from the Dinner Menu in a relaxed format.

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Grafene Restaurant Manchester Fine Dining Grafets Menu December 2018

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Grafene Restaurant Manchester Fine Dining Grafets Vegetarian Menu

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These menus are perfect for a pre-theatre gathering.

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Grafene Restaurant Manchester Tapas Rendered Duck Leg, Herbs, Beet Piccalilli

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